Lotus Beauty Lounge has been blessed by the opportunity to completely reinvent, reimagine and re-embrace a previously abandoned, albeit abundantly unique space located on the second floor of “Pritchard Hall” in historic, Hanover Square, Horseheads, New York.

Horseheads was the most important village in Chemung County, and in its earlier history vied with what is now the City of Elmira as the location of the county seat. Until the introduction of the primary system in politics, the Village was the meeting place for the political conventions of all the Parties. The old and historic Pritchard Hall was the meeting place and in this hall gathered men who later became eminent in state and national affairs (source).

Horseheads being a political center, men of state prominence gathered in Pritchard Hall during the mid 1900’s (above Hibbard Hardware at the time) for lively conventions and debates. As a social center, Hanover Square attracted patrons from the surrounding region to balls, suppers and celebrations held regularly in Pritchard Hall as well (source).

Things of Interest:

Pritchard Hall: A brief History (PDF)

Below excerpts and photos taken from “Horseheads” By Marcia Tinker

Various Photos From Pritchard Hall
Pritchard Hall Basketball Players
Pritchard Hall Social Life Excerpt