Gabi Davis – Stylist

Creating art has always been my passion and my favorite medium is definitely hair! The worlds of music, art, fashion, and travel inspire my time behind the chair and fuel my devotion to the beauty industry.

My interest in cosmetology all started when I was a young girl, and was captured by shows that transformed people and gave them a total makeover. When i finally got the opportunity to jump into beauty school I was beyond excited! Here I found love for creative coloring, styling and updos.

I enjoy working along side models and photographers styling hair for photo shoots and videos as well.

Starting my career I spent countless hours as an apprentice, throughout this time I absorbed much of my mentor’s expertise and techniques. I have spent all of my days since behind the chair creating!

Outside of the salon I fill my time with adventure. I love hiking, traveling, and spending time with my family and friends.

My favorite part about being a stylist is having the ability to help people feel comfortable and beautiful in their own skin by giving them rockin’ hair!